Thursday, August 18, 2011

MyPatientLogs Intro


MyPatientLogs is a one-of-a-kind mobile application that enables medical students, physician assistants, and physicians to log details of their patient encounters on-the-go!

MyPatientLogs creates customized logs for patient and procedure encounters and provides easy entry for educational programs and readings. With MyPatientLogs, users can utilize the touch-screen capability of the iPhone and Android to input details of their encounters into their mobile device. This information is stored on the mobile device and can be emailed at any time to any desired recipient(s) for a complete and accurate spreadsheet generated log of their encounters in just seconds! The end-product is a completed log that can be printed for maintenance of accurate and timely records!

What makes MyPatientLogs unique is its capability to allow each individual user to create their own customized log. This feature allows for a universal means of creating patient and procedure logs across all medical specialties. MyPatientLogs also uses an innovative color-coding system for improved organization of completed logs. MyPatientLogs is useful for both Allopathic (MD) and Osteopathic (DO) medical students and physicians and has an exclusive option for Osteopathic medical students and physicians to log their use of Osteopathic Manipulative Therapy.

MyPatientLogs is ideal for the busy medical student, physician assistant, or physician who wants to maintain accurate and detailed logs throughout their training and career.

Eliminate the frustration of tracking and producing accurate encounter logs the old-fashioned way, look to MyPatientLogs to make your job easier!


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